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Top 10 reasons you should do an NPQ course

You might be asking yourself “why should I do an NPQ?” or you may have been told by your school that they would like you to further your knowledge in a specific area. This is a huge compliment and shows you that your school values your progression.

This post aims to go through the benefits of completing an NPQ and give you some other links to follow to help you build your knowledge about NPQs.


You don’t get much for free in this life, but an NPQ is one of them. For the academic year 2022-23 and 2023 – 24 the whole suite of National Professional qualifications is free to all staff. There will be a local Teaching School hub that will be providing these, and they will use a central provider. We offer all of Ambition’s courses ranging from NPQH to NPQLT. If you would be interested in signing up click this link for more information. 

Prioritise your own development

The teaching profession needs highly skilled and motivated teachers, who are passionate about learning at all levels. If you take the time to improve your understanding, knowledge, and skills, this will have a huge impact on you, your department, your school, and students alike.

Kishan Khetia from Glenmoor Academy says; 

“For me, the NPQLTD course is a great foundation for teachers looking for new leadership opportunities. The course branches to all forms of teaching, focusing on memory models, sequenced learning, formative assessments, culture, and systems. The course is not about how to deliver these aspects to students but to be a leader of teachers, to lead teachers into accomplishing these areas. The course provides scenarios to offer you the chance to gain different perspectives on scenarios. This has really allowed me to be confident in my next step in teaching.”

Nationally recognised

The courses demonstrate to school leaders that you have achieved a nationally recognised assessed course, of the highest standard. This demonstrates that you are driven, enthusiastic and motivated to improve.

Research Informed

The content of all of the courses is of the highest quality, taking into consideration the most up-to-date and relevant academic literature, and includes proven strategies that will fit a range of contexts. You will leave each course brimming with ideas!


The courses are facilitated by an experienced expert, who will be your point of contact for all inquiries and follow-up questions. Having this expert on hand to support you through this course and the learning is invaluable.


A huge change from the previous NPQ models is the variety in the provision. The new suite of courses allows people to develop a literacy specialism, focus on Early Years Leadership, focus on Executive Level Leadership, and many more. For more information on the suite of courses click here (Link to our Ultimate guide)

Become the leader your school needs

All schools are on a journey, and at times will need people to take the lead in a certain area. This can be daunting alone, however, the NPQ course will not only allow you to become that leader but also surround you with others who are completing a similar role within their contexts. For example, if you have been asked to develop the literacy curriculum, attending the NPQ will equip you for this, but also will allow you to access high quality discussions, resources, and insights from up to 30 professionals all on the same path as you.

Become the leader you want to be

The fact that these courses are free, allows you to become the leader you want to be. Do you wish to demonstrate to your SLT that you are looking to progress? Do you want to equip yourself perfectly for the exact moment the one job you want is advertised? There is no better way of doing this than an NPQ. To read some testimonies from staff who have completed the NPQs click here (link to our post).

Demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm

Headteachers regularly say that they want staff to be willing to go the extra mile, and show passion and dedication to the school and the students within it. Completing external CPD of this quality allows you to demonstrate you are that member of staff.

Its free

Oh yes it is free!

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